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Impact Winter EP

Minus 27 are currently putting the fnishing touches to the new EP "Impact Winter", which will be available around the end August / beginning of September, date to be confirmed. We're working with Paul Atkinson master of living room recording, and the track listing will be as follows: 1. Welcome Home 2. Hold On Me 3. Lonely Day 4. Welcome Home (Acoustic) We should also mention a big shout out to Graeme Curtis who's done some great drum tracks...


So we're heading back to the studio this Sunday to record a few tracks. We're both pretty excited to get back in there and produce some new tracks, and as soon as we're able we'll get them out on this website and on YouTube. We should also have some video content to get up here as the near-legendary Paul Atkinson will be accompanying us for the trip. If you've got any last minute suggestions...