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Just Say Yes

We're back onto requests, and next up is a lockdown version of an open mic night favourite - Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol. We recorded a version of this with the guys at Ont Sofa (check out their portfolio it is incredible) a few years ago and it's been a popular one ever since. Thanks to Luke for the request - this one is for you, Katie and Noah. We're working our way...

Tears In The Rain - Minus 27

Tears in the Rain

Lockdown days can blend into each other a little bit, but I'm told today is Sunday. We've got 2 or 3 more covers in the pipeline to be released next week, but we thought we would share our latest version of one of our own tracks.Tears in the Rain is one of our personal favourites. Originally performed by Mike's old band Mapel Fire, it was quite a heavy rock number in it's original...