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Minus 27 at the 360 Club, The Wardrobe, Leeds Gigs

Hop Into June

Happy June everybody.

We thought we’d give you a bit of an update on our forthcoming EP and a run-down of some excellent gig news. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Ahem.

The EP is only short of vocals at the moment (although I’m sure we’ll find an excuse to add a shaker-egg somewhere) and we’ve booked off tomorrow daytime to fill the front room with recording gear and annoy our neighbours for a few hours. We’ll let you know how we get on. Tomorrow night is obviously fully booked with the traditional English pastime of self-inflicted torture that is the quarter finals of an international football tournament.  We decided to avoid recording during the game because we don’t want a not-so-subtle background noise of Rik crying to overshadow every track.

Last night we played our first ever gig at 360 Club at The Library in Leeds, along with Gojin-Go, Otiks and JonPaul Palombo. Despite the English summer weather we had a great time and heard some great music, so a massive thank you to Club 360 for having us. We’ve also just agreed to take on the regular Open Mic Night at The Hop on Granary Wharf in Leeds, every Wednesday night from about 8.30. Matt Belmont who has run it for some time has just moved to London, and we’re really happy to be picking up where he left off. Any musicians / singers / dancers / poets / method actors / stand-up comedians who fancy it should come see us on a Wednesday sometime soon.

This Friday the 29th of June we’re supporting Samantha Smith at Lure Bar in Harrogate. Doors are at 7pm – it would be great to see you there. As well as ourselves and Samantha, the excellent Ricky Fleming will be taking the stage so it should be a top night. The Facebook event is here, and tickets are available here. Feel free to invite your significant other, your family, your friends, and anyone you see in the street who looks like they need quality music in their lives.

And finally, the talented and dashing gents at Ont’ Sofa have posted the 2nd video from our session online. Thanks for reading, and we will see you soon!

Minus 27 at Cellar V, Guiseley Gigs

Giggidy Giggidy – Some Gigs & A Nice Sit…

Hello Internet, how are you? We are fine, thank you for asking.

Spring has truly sprung in West Yorkshire. We can tell because it’s raining. Luckily a lot of what we do involves being indoors, so we’re relatively dry – again, thanks for your concern. You’re all so lovely.

Anywho, on to the news. We’re pressing on with our new EP, and things are going very nicely. All the instruments are down (touch wood) and we’ve only got vocals left to finalise. I can make a firm commitment that the EP will be done just as soon as it’s finished.  You’ll be the first to know – after us, obviously, but there’s not a lot we can do about that. To my lasting regret I do not have one of those awesome flashy things from Men In Black.

In other news, we’ve called time on our regular Monday Open Mic Night at The Queens in Apperley Bridge. Massive thanks go to The Queens for all the support, and thank you to all the acts who have made it such a fun night over the last 2 years. Almost as soon as our time at The Queens ended we were asked to start up a new Tuesday night Open Mic at Cellar V in Guiseley. The Gods of music clearly couldn’t do without a weekly dose of M27 Open Mic, so whether you’re musical or you just like happy hour, we’d love to see you between 8.30 and 10.30 every Tuesday. Bring instruments, bring friends, bring presents…

We’ve  got a few more gigs coming up to tell you about. This Thursday, 17th May, we’re playing a set at Park Row Bar in Leeds. It’s an 8 o clock kick off there, and we’re hoping to see the excellent Matt Belmont play. On 17th June we’re supporting The Rozzers – a Police Tribute Act – in Knaresbrough. Check them out on YouTube!  We’re also supporting Samantha Smith at her album launch on Friday 29th June at Lure Lux Bar in Harrogate. We’ll keep you updated here and on the Facebook page with other gigs that present themselves.

Finally, we’ve just recorded a couple of songs with the Ont’ Sofa team in Harrogate. Our cover of Snow Patrol’s Just Say Yes is below – we had a good laugh filming it, we hope you enjoy it too.

Minus 27 Playing Live Gigs

Recording and Gigging with a Cherry on the bottom


Just a quick post tonight with an update on our next EP and a gig reminder.

EP update

The vast majority of guitars and other fiddly instruments about which I know nothing have been laid down for our forthcoming EP, and made to sound even better by the masterly Paul Atkinson. Despite my best efforts to disrupt him, Mike has recorded some super-cool guitar tracks and all that remains is our vocals. And if I’m good, Paul and Mike might let me play something that I can’t break, like a tambourine or a shaker egg. Obviously there’s my beautiful djembe, Eric, but he’s very forgiving. I can beat the hell out of him without having to tune up, it’s awesome – listen out for me! We’ll keep you updated with release dates etc once we know what’s going on.

Next gig

More immediately, we have a gig coming up on Thursday 29th March at Empire in Leeds supporting Blue Rose Code who are excellent. Tickets are £4 in advance or £5 on the door, and with us, them and 2 other cool-sounding bands in the line up it sounds like a bargain to me.  Here’s a song from Blue Rose Code’s forthcoming album to give you a taster…

Latest cover

And then here’s us covering Eagle Eye Cherry…thanks to Callum for requesting it on our Facebook page – anyone who’d like to see  us cover something on YouTube,  just request it on the book of a thousand faces and we will do our best!

Thanks for reading and we’ll hopefully see you this Thursday — Rik

Minus 27 - Lonely Day - Video Shoot - Cambridge Gigs

A New Video, Gig News and a Dead Squirrel

Hello again! Last weekend we had ourselves a road trip to wonderful Cambridgeshire (thank you for having us) to meet up with Absolution Films and shoot our first ever music video for Lonely Day – track  3 on Impact Winter. We filmed at beautiful RAF Upwood which I believe is currently taking bookings for your wedding / family celebration (on the understanding that you’re a fan of broken glass, inventive graffiti and mouldy animals). Aside from a run-in with a very dead grey squirrel we had a good day. We played Lonely Day more times in the space of 5 hours than ever before – despite my calls the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t seem to be interested. The video is currently in production (thanks to Mark and Nick) and as soon as it’s ready we’ll be posting it on the site, so keep your eyes peeled.

New gigs

We’ve also got a few gig announcement for your diary. On the 6th and the 20th of February (both Mondays) we’ll be at The Queens Apperley Bridge running Open Mic Night. There’s always a good Monday night crowd, so if you’re in the mood to come sing, play, dance or suggest impossible covers for us to busk, (Barbie Girl is a favourite, as is Stay by East 17 – love those boyband harmonies) this is the night for you. On Wednesday the 22nd of February we’re running Open Mic Night at The Hop, covering for the excellent Matt Belmont. It’s a fantastic venue and there’ll be a free bottle of beer for anyone who plays. Always a win.

We’re also booked in for a slot at an Open Mic Night at Escobar (just off Millenium Square in Leeds) at 7pm on Friday the 2nd of March. We haven’t played there since we supported Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders last year and we’re looking forward to it. Finally (for now) we’re supporting the really rather good Blue Rose Code at Empire in Leeds on Thursday the 29th of March. We’ll have more details about that one a bit closer to the time.

Latest cover

I’ll leave you with a demo version of one of our favourite songs – One Week by the Barenaked Ladies. See you soon.


Happy December

Hi guys. Sorry for the extended silence – we’ve had a mad November, including some recording, a little holiday for Rik and an epic road trip to Cambridge for a washed out attempt at busking. It may have rained a lot, but the good people of Cambridge were very nice and seemed to enjoy our stuff as they tried not to get washed away. We’ve just recorded a few new covers for the You Tube channel, see Mrs Robinson below. December is shaping up to be a good month, we’re even trying to learn a few Christmas songs. Keep your eyes peeled for some new footage on YouTube and Facebook.

See you soon!


Minus 27 Play The Hop Leeds

Ok, so it’s been a while since we posted. We’ve been busy, real busy.

Rik has been getting his zombie on for 2.8hourslater and yes there is photo footage : I think we can all agree that this should now be full Minus 27 get up for gigs?

Speaking of which, another gig coming your way is on Wednesday 2nd November at The Hop in Leeds. We’ll be covering for Matt Belmont, who I believe was mistakenly sacrificed on Rik’s zombie quest last night.

If you’ve not heard of Matt before then definitely check him out on YouTube. And support him with your vote for the Pizza Express and Jamie Cullum comp.

In the mean time here’s how to get to the Hop – see you there 8:30pm on Wednesday!


This Week…

So it’s Sunday night again, and we’re getting ready for 3 gigs this week. Tomorrow we’re back at The Queens in Apperley Bridge for Open Mic. Last week the turnout was excellent, as was the quality, so hopefully we’ll see you there to help us shake off the Monday blues. This Thursday the 15th September we’re playing The Coniston in Idle for the first time. We’ve heard it’s a great pub for music and it should be a good night. This Friday we’re back at Cellar V Guiseley (7.30pm kick off as usual) which is always my favourite way to round off the week.

Don’t forget, we’re also supporting Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders at their EP launch on Saturday 24th September at Escobar in Leeds. It should be a top gig and it’s on payday weekend as well.

To finish on a shameless plug, the new EP Impact Winter is available on iTunes just waiting to be downloaded by you lovely people. If you’d rather have a copy that has been actually physically handled by Mike or even me (I know, calm down), then give us a shout at any gig.

See you soon!


P.S. We’ve been asked by the excellent Matt Belmont to cover his Open Mic Night at The Hop, Leeds this Wednesday the 15th of September, starting around 8.30pm. It’s always a good night and it’s a cool venue as well.


Bank Holiday

Well, it’s Sunday night and we’ve had a mad bank holiday weekend. We’ve clocked up around 280 miles in 48 hours and consumed a ridiculous amount of coffee. Cellar V Guiseley (Friday night) was a great start to the weekend. We played a barn at the top of a muddy field somewhere north of Pateley Bridge on Saturday – probably the strangest venue we’ve ever played and a top night, and a massive bbq as well. Today (Sunday) we’ve driven to Cumbria and back to play to a great crowd at Solfest – 1 broken string, 1 amazing purple hat and 2 of the finest examples of chair-dancing we’ve ever seen made it a memorable set. It was our first time at Solfest and we’d like to say thanks to everyone who gave us such a warm welcome.

To top it all off we’ll be at The Queens in Apperley Bridge tomorrow night at 9 for Open Mic Night. Hopefully we’ll see you there, but if you can’t make that we’ll be at The Fox & Hounds in Horsforth on Wednesday night (9pm) and then at Bingley Music Live next Saturday, 3rd September. If you can’t make either of those, you can always buy our EP Impact Winter (what a plug) which will soon be on iTunes so watch this space…


Minus 27 @ Escobar, Leeds

Another date for your diary or maybe your smartphone calendar. 24th of September sees Minus 27 support Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders at Escobar, Leeds. The gig kicks off around 8pm and is free entry. you’ll have the chance to get your hands on ‘Impact Winter’ our debut EP, and the opportunity to hear a couple of new live songs too, plus the chance to buy us a beer afterwards! Hurrah!

Impact Winter


Kitchen Demos

We’ve spent tonight checking in with Mr Paul Atkinson and finalising the mix on Welcome Home, all that remains is for Paul to tweak the cover art (thanks Paul!) and Impact Winter will be ready for printing. In giddy celebration we decided to play a couple of songs and have a coffee. We filmed the songs, not the coffee. Incidentally, if anyone would like to see a video of us drinking coffee, let us know. We aim to please.