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Stay At Home Sessions

Stay At Home Sessions

A lot has happened in the last few years, but I’ll keep it brief.

After various career changes and house moves, Minus 27 is back from an extended hiatus.

Like many people we are currently locked down, and we decided to try and do something positive with our time. The result so far is 2 songs filmed from the comfort of our own homes – Faster the Chase and Welcome Home. The response so far has been brilliant, and we’ve decided that we’re going to keep it up while we’re quarantined. We’re going to call these the Stay At Home Sessions (very topical – stay home, stay safe!) If you have any requests please let us know.

We will be updating the blog and posting videos on Facebook and our YouTube channel, and of course the Impact Winter EP and our latest single Fade to White are available on Spotify.

Welcome Home – Minus 27 – Stay at Home Sessions

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