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MINUS 27/Gigs /Giggidy Giggidy – Some Gigs & A Nice Sit Down

Giggidy Giggidy – Some Gigs & A Nice Sit Down

Minus 27 at Cellar V, Guiseley

Giggidy Giggidy – Some Gigs & A Nice Sit Down

Hello Internet, how are you? We are fine, thank you for asking.

Spring has truly sprung in West Yorkshire. We can tell because it’s raining. Luckily a lot of what we do involves being indoors, so we’re relatively dry – again, thanks for your concern. You’re all so lovely.

Anywho, on to the news. We’re pressing on with our new EP, and things are going very nicely. All the instruments are down (touch wood) and we’ve only got vocals left to finalise. I can make a firm commitment that the EP will be done just as soon as it’s finished.  You’ll be the first to know – after us, obviously, but there’s not a lot we can do about that. To my lasting regret I do not have one of those awesome flashy things from Men In Black.

In other news, we’ve called time on our regular Monday Open Mic Night at The Queens in Apperley Bridge. Massive thanks go to The Queens for all the support, and thank you to all the acts who have made it such a fun night over the last 2 years. Almost as soon as our time at The Queens ended we were asked to start up a new Tuesday night Open Mic at Cellar V in Guiseley. The Gods of music clearly couldn’t do without a weekly dose of M27 Open Mic, so whether you’re musical or you just like happy hour, we’d love to see you between 8.30 and 10.30 every Tuesday. Bring instruments, bring friends, bring presents…

We’ve  got a few more gigs coming up to tell you about. This Thursday, 17th May, we’re playing a set at Park Row Bar in Leeds. It’s an 8 o clock kick off there, and we’re hoping to see the excellent Matt Belmont play. On 17th June we’re supporting The Rozzers – a Police Tribute Act – in Knaresbrough. Check them out on YouTube!  We’re also supporting Samantha Smith at her album launch on Friday 29th June at Lure Lux Bar in Harrogate. We’ll keep you updated here and on the Facebook page with other gigs that present themselves.

Finally, we’ve just recorded a couple of songs with the Ont’ Sofa team in Harrogate. Our cover of Snow Patrol’s Just Say Yes is below – we had a good laugh filming it, we hope you enjoy it too.

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