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MINUS 27/Gigs /Recording and Gigging with a Cherry on the bottom

Recording and Gigging with a Cherry on the bottom

Minus 27 Playing Live

Recording and Gigging with a Cherry on the bottom


Just a quick post tonight with an update on our next EP and a gig reminder.

EP update

The vast majority of guitars and other fiddly instruments about which I know nothing have been laid down for our forthcoming EP, and made to sound even better by the masterly Paul Atkinson. Despite my best efforts to disrupt him, Mike has recorded some super-cool guitar tracks and all that remains is our vocals. And if I’m good, Paul and Mike might let me play something that I can’t break, like a tambourine or a shaker egg. Obviously there’s my beautiful djembe, Eric, but he’s very forgiving. I can beat the hell out of him without having to tune up, it’s awesome – listen out for me! We’ll keep you updated with release dates etc once we know what’s going on.

Next gig

More immediately, we have a gig coming up on Thursday 29th March at Empire in Leeds supporting Blue Rose Code who are excellent. Tickets are £4 in advance or £5 on the door, and with us, them and 2 other cool-sounding bands in the line up it sounds like a bargain to me.  Here’s a song from Blue Rose Code’s forthcoming album to give you a taster…

Latest cover

And then here’s us covering Eagle Eye Cherry…thanks to Callum for requesting it on our Facebook page – anyone who’d like to see  us cover something on YouTube,  just request it on the book of a thousand faces and we will do our best!

Thanks for reading and we’ll hopefully see you this Thursday — Rik

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