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MINUS 27/Gigs /A New Video, Gig News and a Dead Squirrel

A New Video, Gig News and a Dead Squirrel

Minus 27 - Lonely Day - Video Shoot - Cambridge

A New Video, Gig News and a Dead Squirrel

Hello again! Last weekend we had ourselves a road trip to wonderful Cambridgeshire (thank you for having us) to meet up with Absolution Films and shoot our first ever music video for Lonely Day – track  3 on Impact Winter. We filmed at beautiful RAF Upwood which I believe is currently taking bookings for your wedding / family celebration (on the understanding that you’re a fan of broken glass, inventive graffiti and mouldy animals). Aside from a run-in with a very dead grey squirrel we had a good day. We played Lonely Day more times in the space of 5 hours than ever before – despite my calls the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t seem to be interested. The video is currently in production (thanks to Mark and Nick) and as soon as it’s ready we’ll be posting it on the site, so keep your eyes peeled.

New gigs

We’ve also got a few gig announcement for your diary. On the 6th and the 20th of February (both Mondays) we’ll be at The Queens Apperley Bridge running Open Mic Night. There’s always a good Monday night crowd, so if you’re in the mood to come sing, play, dance or suggest impossible covers for us to busk, (Barbie Girl is a favourite, as is Stay by East 17 – love those boyband harmonies) this is the night for you. On Wednesday the 22nd of February we’re running Open Mic Night at The Hop, covering for the excellent Matt Belmont. It’s a fantastic venue and there’ll be a free bottle of beer for anyone who plays. Always a win.

We’re also booked in for a slot at an Open Mic Night at Escobar (just off Millenium Square in Leeds) at 7pm on Friday the 2nd of March. We haven’t played there since we supported Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders last year and we’re looking forward to it. Finally (for now) we’re supporting the really rather good Blue Rose Code at Empire in Leeds on Thursday the 29th of March. We’ll have more details about that one a bit closer to the time.

Latest cover

I’ll leave you with a demo version of one of our favourite songs – One Week by the Barenaked Ladies. See you soon.

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