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The start of a new studio?

Home studio

The start of a new studio?

Home studioCould this be the start of the greatest home studio?… Probably not, but it’s a decent effort!

Hopefully M27 will be using this kit for a few new demo’s we’re gonna get recorded so that we’ll have something to give away free at Solfest 2011.

I know what you’re thinking. Acoustic duo using a Mesa and a Marshall, but we’re hopefully going to have a few guest musicians involved, all recorded by the stellar Paul Atkinson, in order to beef up the tracks we’ve already got.

We’ll need a name for the Minus 27 CD, so feel free to leave a comment with suggestions (keep it clean-ish). Get in touch if you need to do some quality recording and we’ll organise it for you.

Also – I’ve managed to find some old Mapel Fire CD’s leftover from our tour a couple of years back, if anyone wants one let us know.

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  • Emma

    Reply April 6, 201117:04

    I look forward to that demo – hand it around in the office 😉

    As for the name… I just keep thinking about a title involving ‘Braille’ and I… how about no.

    Reading the above comment, that seems good. I think ‘It’s Friday! – Sound the alarm!’ would be epic.

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